Environmental Policy


PJC Plumbing Services Pty Ltd acknowledges and accepts that it is our responsibility to preserve and
protect the environment. PJC Plumbing Services, through the commitment and involvement of
management and workers, is dedicated to the provision of successful outcomes that are
environmentally responsible to our clients, the workforce and the community.

To deliver our vision for the environment we will:

• Conduct all operations in accordance with relevant legislation;
• Ensure responsible waste management practices are consistently followed, including
• Ensure all hazardous substances will be disposed of in accordance to its Material Safety data
Sheet or manufacturer’s specifications.
• Implement suitable erosion, sediment control and pollution control measures as required;
• Maintain a healthy working partnership with the EPA and our clients as part of our
commitment to the protection of the environment;
• Provide adequate information and training to enable environmental impacts and opportunities
to be identified, prioritised and managed effectively by the entire team;
• Communicate initiatives and achievements to our customers, the workforce and community
•  Ensure continual improvements are made to our operations and practices to continually improve
the environmental impacts of our business to our clients and the community

Peter Nakhoul