Blocked drains

PJC Plumbing Services are blocked drain specialists with over 20 years experience. With our high pressure water jet blasters and CCTV camera inspection equipment, we are able to locate the cause of your blocked drainĀ and clear the problem for you.
Our methods of clearing blocked drains include:

  • High Pressure Water Jet Blasters:
    The high pressure jet blaster aims to remove any tree roots and grease from your sewer and stormwater drain pipes minimising, if not eliminating future blockages.
  • CCTV Camera inspection:
    This device is used to look inside your sewer and stormwater drain pipes to determine the cause of the blockage. Below is an example of the video footage we will provide you from the CCTV Camera Inspection:
  • Pipe Locator:
    Used to locate your sewer and stormwater drain pipes and will locate where your blockage is without any mess.
  • RootX Chemical Treatment:
    This chemical is used to remove tree roots and limit their chance of returning